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    3 reasons to opt for PRP Therapy in Visakhapatnam


    With ageing, the side effects of some medications or stress,... (more)

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    Johny English The Spy Guy new movie Johny English strikes again


    Johny English returns to the cinema with a new Hollywood comedy and action pack movie Johny English strikes again. Johny English strikes again is going to air on 26... (more)

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    How to select best IVF Centre In India?


    What precautions should one take while considering IVF?


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    When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri a Romance Story.


    When Katie Met Cassidy by Camille Perri is  a Romance Story who won millions of reader hearts. The romance tale is full of romance and  fiction story. The novel leading... (more)

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    Barn Burning”, by Haruki Murakami is adapted for the movie


    The famous short story Barn Burning”, by Haruki Murakami is adapted for the new movie Burning 2018. The tale of the film is about a young lady Hae-mi who love with Jong- Su.... (more)

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    Benefits of Liposuction and The Safest Technique of Liposuction


    Neck liposuction is a technique by which excess fat from the neck is removed. It is kind of fat that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise. (more)

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    Jamie Lee Curtis talk about Halloween 2018 set Experience


    Jamie Lee Curtis is the leading character and playing lead role in the upcoming horror and thriller movie Halloween 2018. The tale of the film is full of scary story adapted... (more)

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    Getting more hygienic, than ever before


    Cleaning home regularly is a good deed but you can not clean your home like professionals. They have advanced machines for the work to be done accurately. Steam cleaning is known t... (more)

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    What can be the reason behind not conceiving post a year?


    The basic feeling when you first start trying to conceive is nothing short of joie de vivre (feeling of delight). You start thinking about your would be baby, you know that the bab... (more)

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    Marvels super villain Venom is coming with lots of secrets


    Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) coming with the lots of secrets. Marvel in the first time of history going to revel secrets of marvels super villain Venom. Only few of Marvel fans... (more)

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    Elizabeth St. Michel's best selling Romance story Sweet Vengeance.


    Elizabeth St. Michel is a popular novelist write several stories. Sweet Vengeance is one of the best novel written by her. The story of the novel revolves around Lady... (more)

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    The Diverse Road of Hair Transplant Procedures

    Vijay Kumar

    The punch grafting technique was used in the past and it was where a surgeon utilized a 4mm punch instrument to extract hair follicles from the donor area and the punching graft... (more)