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    Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood (Persepolis #1-2) from the eyes of Marjane Satrapi.


    Isn’t it fun growing up. Age has so much to do with a person’s opinions and ideas, many people understand us, many others just drift away from us.
    Marjane has... (more)

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    The teen titans the kid heroes


    The team consists of the Robin, who is the leader of the gang.  Cyborg, a semi-robot is one of the other stalwarts who make the gang a super team. A pretty princess from the... (more)

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    The awesome tale of Marvel Superhero "Venom"


    The awesome twosome pursues the culprits along the labyrinthine streets and brings them to book. A lot of punches blows, and venom spewing incidents later the unlawful elements... (more)

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    Ethan-The IMF's God in Mission: Impossible – Fallout


    Ethan is the hero in question. The best of the lot, he is considered as the most eligible candidate for the treacherous missions which continue to puzzle the nation every now and... (more)

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    Fantasy romance Story Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor


    After some time, he had to leave the monastery and join a library called Great Library of Zosma. While, at the library, since he is surrounded by books at all times, so taking... (more)

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    George a fictional character of the fictional tale "A Room with a View"


    George happens to be nearby and comes to the rescue of the lady. She ends up in his strong arms instead of crashing on to the floor. On recovering, she catches George throwing her... (more)

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    The awakening in the preacher.


    He shuns every voice that was very much a part of his daily life. He gives up his bad habits and vows to lead a simple life. He even starts preaching at a nearby church. He finds i... (more)

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    The legend Story of The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


    The legend of the wizard starts on a happy note with him describing his lovely childhood days, spent in the secure arms of his father and basking in the warmth of the gentle love... (more)

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    What is in the film that filmmakers had to name it that way?


    The movie is adapted from a science fiction novel, authored by Alexandra Bracken. Fox and YA genre literature have converted Maze Runner and Percy Jackson’s publications... (more)

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    Why Dracula is unhappy in Hotel Transylvania 3


    The captain and Mavis both start going on dates and spend much time together and of course, goes without saying that like each other’s company, quite a lot. While they both... (more)

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    Starr a little young Girl from The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas


    The wealth comes with its own vices. Starr feels completely overwhelmed when she witnesses the wasteful party culture of the opulent teenagers. They seem to be blowing up their... (more)

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    How Addy was shown as a matured person (Story: one of us is lying)


    The one thing I liked (among many) was the fact about Addy, who in the beginning was shown as a young girl, not at all confident, doesn’t stand up for herself, ready to do... (more)