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    The genesis of a legend of The Kingkiller Chronicle #2) by Patrick Rothfuss


    The hardships which life showered on him make forge physical and mental strength in his personality.Kvothe grows up into a person who is a legend in his own right. He is the most... (more)

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    Tessa's life in the fantasy novel Clockwork Princess The Infernal Devices 3


    Tessa, whose inception was more as a weapon and less as a being, is what Mortmain desires to possess once again. He is the one responsible for her genesis. But she managed to escap... (more)

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    The Lord of Shadows The Dark Artifices 2


    The Lord of Shadows The Dark Artifices 2 is written by Cassandra Clare. The story of the novel is about Shadow Hunters.  Shadow Hunters are specially... (more)