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    Choosing the best Hair Transplant Procedure with a comparison of cost and method of hair transplant

    Mohan Singh

    Hair transplant is the procedure of re-shifting of loss resistant follicles from the denser area to the bald or thinning area of the scalp. In this method, hair follicles are chose... (more)

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    How expensive is getting a hair transplant in India?


    It is a misconception to believe hair transplant a cosmetic process, it is, in fact, an asset you have for a lifetime. You not only get back your good looks and style, but your... (more)

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    Type of scars can you have after surgery?


    For Hair Transplant in Bangalore, two advanced procedures FUT and FUE are used to give natural looking hair for permanent basis. In both the methods loss resistant hair follicles... (more)

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    People can't wait to Watch The Nun


    The Nun is a new upcoming Hollywood film directed by Corin Hardy. The screenplay has been done by  Gary Dauberman (screenplay by), James Wan (story... (more)

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    Like water, Romance Novel Touches the heart


    LIke water is another best selling romance novel written by Rebecca Podos. The romantic tale is about a young teen girl Vanni. She is a good girl but bad... (more)

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    Unsolved death mystery


    Harriet Vanger is one of the richest ladies in the Swedish. But she had not much good time. She murdered by someone in the mysterious situations. No one knows much more about her... (more)

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    River Marked - The beautiful tale of love and war


    Mercy knows that the devil in the river is behind all the massacre of innocent people. She must give him a fierce fight but before that, she has to replenish her links with the... (more)

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    When Dana finally escapes in Hollywood Hearts 1 by R.L. Mathewson


    When Dana finally escapes, she is at peace with herself and thinks that the step should have been taken long ago. Finally, she feels free and alive. She pauses to smell the... (more)

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    Marvels Comic Superheroes are now alive in Marvel movies.


    (MCU) Marvel Cinematic Universe always do lots of experiments with their superheroes character. This time MCU make a team of Ant-man and the wasp to fight with the unknown... (more)

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    Mare's beau one of the leading character in the King's Cage


    Better known as Mare's beau, Maven has other interests in his mind. He no longer cares for his lady love, or so it seems. His harsh exterior and cruel demeanor belie the fact... (more)

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    Dragon Devilry A Storm of Swords A Song of Ice and Fire 3 a fantasy tale by George R.R. Martin.


    The troubles don't stop there only. The kingdom of Westeros which is already reeling under the spell of misfortune has yet another enemy to counter. Daenerys Stormborn, the... (more)

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    The genesis of a legend of The Kingkiller Chronicle #2) by Patrick Rothfuss


    The hardships which life showered on him make forge physical and mental strength in his personality.Kvothe grows up into a person who is a legend in his own right. He is the most... (more)