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    New York Times best selling Romance novel Whitney My Love.


    New York Times best selling author Judith McNaught is once agin returns with the Romance saga Whitney My Love. The novel is full of romance and you can't missed to read the sag... (more)

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    When it comes to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom


    When it comes to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, we can’t judge quickly as there still lies a lot on the silver plate. Even though the film met mixed critics about its script... (more)

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    Incredibles 2 VS Incredibles animation movie.


    Incredibles 2 is the sequel to the animation movie the Incredibles. The new movie story is written and directed by Brad Bird. The tale of movie is full of adventures story. The... (more)

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    The remarkable novel The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee


    This remarkable novel holds- love, hope, redemption, and friendship. 
    In the wake of time, the popular lovelorn manages to develop gradually and learns how to become... (more)

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    How was the life of Lara Jean in the novel Always and Forever


    Lara is overawed by the demands of the numerous occasions and is really confused about the way she is going to put her best foot forward during the upcoming events, which will be... (more)

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    Who are The parabatais in Lord of Shadows The Dark Artifices 2 by Cassandra Clare?


    The story focuses on parabatais. These herculean warriors are bound by a vow of not succumbing to the charm of falling in love. The reason is simple: Love blinds and binds. The... (more)

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    A Fictional tale Created by Stephanie Garber Caraval.


    Scarlett, the elder one has blossomed into a pretty young woman. The father deems it perfect to get her married to a boy of his choice. He arranges a suitable match for her..As... (more)

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    What new knowledge you will learn from Contemporary Project Management, 3rd Edition?


    • Risk management or the process of recognizing the risks and tackling them on time so that they don't sabotage the whole project is one of the most significant features o... (more)

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    Love's labour lost Sad emotion in the Tale


    The materialistic world weighs the pure emotion of love in the scales of class, caste, and creed.The two are never able to become each other's mates due to the class divide... (more)

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    The Fifth Episode in Hollywood TV show Westworld Season 2


    Termed Akane no man which literally means Akane rowing, adds a Japanese touch to the wondrous series. The viewers can expect a lot of Japanese culture streaming in throughout the... (more)

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    Highland Guardian Daughters of the Glen a Fantasy Romance Novel


    As a consequence, Ian finds himself at the crossroads of personal duties and the last words of his father. To top it all, he falls in love with Sarah. Ian and Sarah team up togethe... (more)

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    Highland Guardian (Daughters of the Glen #2) A Romance Story of Sarah and Ian McCullough.


    Sarah is the type that knocks him off his feet, charms him, and certainly never gets enough of her. After an assessment, he learns that she is a Faerie descent, but isn’t thi... (more)