5 Books that can became fantastic movies if they are adapted

We have seen grand movies based on books that many of us hadn’t read or have never read. I, specifically remember enjoying Harry Potter chronicles without any idea that it had been based on J. K. Rowling novels. In the same way, Twilight gave a blockbuster and the same applies to The Lord of the Rings installments by J. R. R. Tolkien. The list continues with The Hunger Games, The Notebook, The Fault in our Stars, Bag of Bones, The Godfather, A Walk to Remember, Batman Returns and many more.


      1. The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks 
There would be a suspenseful twist that will keep you awake just as it is in the novel. Julie is heading for her 30s, but before that, her husband had left her two gifts before he died. Among the gifts is a promise that he would always be watching over her. Now, Julie wants to move on, and it is either with the handsome engineer Franklin or Mike Harries, a humble guy who was also Julie’s best friend. However, before she makes any move, the nightmare begins.
How incredible would that be? Here is one another popular novel The Notebook written by Nicholas Sparks. You can download The Notebook PDF ebook and read this romantic story.

       2. Swamplandia by Karen Russell
This Pulitzer-nominated novel has various sides of a dark fairy tale. Introducing you to a young heroine who is hopeful and tragic. Kiwi dreams of becoming a scholar, Ava’s mother has just died, Ossie has fallen in love and Ava’s father has left him to manage a land escape at the age of thirteen

       3. The Secret Story by Donna Tartt
Their intelligence led them into grand discoveries in college, but when they exceeded their boundaries, obsession, corruption, betrayal, and evil took their course. The novel was first published in 1992


       4. The Woman Upstairs by Claire Messud   
Claire’s novel will indeed make a great movie in case adapted. A confession of a woman transformed, awakened and betrayed by a passion for a world beyond her own. Nora, a woman advancing in age has always dreamt of becoming a successful artist, but she has become a woman upstairs, but Reza, a child with a fairy tale walks into her classroom

       5. The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer
A mega-novel that will ideally become a life lesson for all of us. It explores talent, the nature of envy, the significance of money, class, art, and power and how they can tilt over the course of a friendship and life.

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