What can be the reason behind not conceiving post a year?

The basic feeling when you first start trying to conceive is nothing short of joie de vivre (feeling of delight). You start thinking about your would be baby, you know that the baby would be the mix of you and your better half.

You visualize about the kind of parent you would be, a little bit of loving, a little bit of strict and so on and so forth. But, with each passing day, when you realise you don’t have the slightest symptom of conceiving, you get worried. Yes, it’s not wrong to feel that way, it is unnatural. But, you can’t stay like that for long, hence it is better to ponder over some things. Keep reading to know more

When should I pay a visit to doctor?

It is quite normal to not get pregnant soon after or within the first few months of trying! Some things take little time. Not getting pregnant until a year of unprotected sex is not a thing of concern.

* The first thing that should be kept in mind is to have intercourse without using any birth control medications.

  * In case you are above 35 years of age and are not pregnant after 6 months of regular intercourse.

* Menstrual cycle is very irregular.

* Both you and your partner (or any one of you) have fertility issues.

In case any of these things relate to you, it’s time to pull up your socks
and visit a specialist, as early as you can.

Seeking help

The main thing needs to be done is consulting a gynecologist. A gynecologist can help in figuring out your fertility and can also help to identify ways to enhance your fertility chances.

There are many IVF Center in India, where you van get yuor self checked for any kind of obstacle in conceiving. IVF cost in India is affordable.

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