Application of FUE Hair Transplants as an Ideal Hair Restoration Treatment

Application of FUE Hair Transplants as an ideal Hair Restoration Treatment


Hair transplant in India is expanding with no leaps and bounds as the people want something permanent for their hair loss. Hair transplantation is the art and science that can restore the natural looking and permanently growing hair follicles to the people.

Hair transplantation is the surgical procedure of a few hours and is based on the principle that healthy and loss resistant follicles can retain their properties even after their shifting from one area of the scalp to the other. This surgical procedure is generally done by two methods FUT and FUE hair transplant.

But if talk about the effectiveness and popularity then FUE is preferred more for hair transplant in Patiala.

What is the FUE transplant method?

What is the FUE transplant method?

It is the advanced method that is the minimally invasive procedure of hair restoration. In this method, individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the scalp instead of the strip removal as in FUT method and then these extracted follicles are individually transplanted in the recipient area so that patient could have naturally growing hair.
FUE method does not leave the linear scar after extraction but due to individually extraction of hair follicles patient may have dot-like scars but all these get vanish in few weeks so with FUE patient could have undetectable hair restoration. This method can be taken for the three patterns of hair loss as follows

Receding Hairline

Most of the patients especially men have the issue of going back hairline means they lose the hair in the temple areas of scalp such patients could choose FUE transplantation method as with the individual transplantation of follicles surgeon could restore the natural looking hairline of the patient. However natural hairline can only be possible to restore by the experienced surgeon who can utilize his best medical knowledge and artistic skill to design the natural looking hairline of the patient.

General thinning on all areas of the scalp

This condition is also called diffuse hair loss and it generally happens in the female pattern hair loss. In this condition females have the thinning of hair on all areas of the head means they have overall thinning of hair rather than having bald or thinning patches on the scalp. FUE method is the only solution for the females with general thinning as in FUE method surgeon can choose the loss resistant follicles individually and can transplant them in the required area to restore the density of hair.

Thinning in the crown area

Thinning of crown is also one condition of male pattern hair loss in this condition men can have the thinning of hair on the crown area of the scalp means on the top of head so with the FUE method loss resistant hair follicles can be extracted individually from the back unaffected areas from hair loss and then can be transplanted in the top head.

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