Choosing the best Hair Transplant Procedure with a comparison of cost and method of hair transplant

Hair transplant is the procedure of re-shifting of loss resistant follicles from the denser area to the bald or thinning area of the scalp. In this method, hair follicles are chosen from the safe one called the donor is of the scalp and extracted depending upon the method of hair transplantation and then transplanted in the required areas of the scalp as per the requirement and preference of the patient.

Thus hair transplantation is the revolutionary method of hair restoration by which the patient could get natural looking hair for permanent basis, however, the optimal results of the procedure depend on various factors like choice of clinic, surgeon, method, hair loss problem, and its cause and even results depend on the expectations of the patient.

Thus, it is very important to choose the hair transplant that could give you the optimized results so it is important to consider all the influential factors. Generally, the patients make their decision for taking this hair restoration on the basis of the method and cost offered by the clinic let us have a look on the comparative view of both the methods of hair transplantation and difference of cost.

A comparative view of hair transplantation methods

Surgical hair restoration can be done with the two methods FUT and FUE both the methods have their own pros and cons so only your surgeon could suggest you the best suitable method depending on your problem of hair loss and your expectations. FUE and FUT methods differ from each other by the extraction process as in FUT method strip of hair follicles are removed from the back area of the head and then dissected in the natural grouping to transplant them in the required area of the scalp.

Whereas, in the FUE method individual hair follicles are extracted and then transplanted in the bald or thinning area, Applicability area of the FUE method is wider than FUT method and even if we talk about scars then FUE method gives only the tiny scars that can be easily concealed or even get healed with time.

So the patient can choose the method as per the recommendation of their doctor and their preferences for the hair restoration.

Cost comparison

Cost can also be the detrimental factor for choosing the hair transplant method but it is a variable factor as the cost of the procedure may be different in two regions such as the cost of hair transplant in Jalandhar can be different from the cost of hair transplant in Amritsar however both the areas are at distance of few kilometers. Moreover, the cost can be decided by considering many factors like doctor fee, hospital charges, room charges, medications, and many others.
Some patient choose the hair transplant which can be available at low cost but it is not rational way to choose the procedure as there are many clinics that offer cheap hair transplants but they drop the quality of treatment so you must ask about the justified cost of treatment but it should be compared with the quality offered by the clinic so that you could take the rational decision and could have the best hair transplant results.

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