The Diverse Road of Hair Transplant Procedures

The punch grafting technique was used in the past and it was where a surgeon utilized a 4mm punch instrument to extract hair follicles from the donor area and the punching graft area could hold 12 to 30 hairs at a time.

After extracting the hairs, the follicles were implanted into the recipient region using a punching cylinder. This technique was hectic both on the patient’s side and the surgeon’s side. The latest technical developments have left hair transplant procedures friendly and convenient to many patients. The modern extraction techniques (FUE & FUT) have also made transplant procedures enjoyable on the surgeon’s side and the patient’s side.

However, technology advancement has led to many changes in the hair transplant field. This could surprise many, but the truth is that since 2000s hair loss and baldness have increased among men and women making hair transplant procedures marketable

The different causes of hair loss suggested to be stress, genetic factors, smoking, chemotherapy, and deprived sleep have left many bald and the only option is seen as hair transplant in Visakhapatnam.

How do the latest techniques work?

The main two techniques are Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) performed by an artistic surgeon.

With the FUE, the surgeon will use a micropunch with a lesser diameter to extract hair follicles individually from the donor area. The procedure takes about 7 to 9 hours depending on a number of hair follicles to be extracted and implanted.

It is performed under local anesthesia and it is painless. A patient may experience slight pain after the procedure, but painkillers are advised. There is no

• Bleeding
• No extra visible scars
• No stitches and just perfect to create natural and attractive results

The FUT technique is also called the strip method because a strip of hair must be extracted from the back of the scalp and dissected. The hair follicles will then be implanted into the small incisions in the recipient regions beginning with 1s, 2s, 3s, and onward as the surgeon needs to produce a natural look

• Stitches must be expected
• Moderate pain due to the wound
• Bleeding may occur in the donor area if no extra caution is taken

The Direct hair transplant

• It is a faster technique where hair follicles are extracted and directly inserted into the bald region.
• With a DHI Implanter, the hair follicles are fixed in the right angle, direction, and depth to create a natural hairline and natural results
• This procedure usually takes a single day.

Looking at the cost

• Just as the procedures are advanced and convenient, so will you be surprised at the cost of hair transplant in India. What determines the cost?
• The type of techniques
• The cost per graft extracted. Some centres will charge 20, others 30 others 40 and so on.
• The level of baldness

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